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The OP's sword appears to be from the Kinaray-a speaking people of South/Southwest Panay Island. The scabbard is typical of Ilonggo swords of Iloilo with the leather covered throat and metal fastening bands. However, the blade itself is more Antikenyo with the slender bakutong clipped profile. The hilt is carved in the Bakunawa motif typically found in Sibalom, Antique. Overall, a nice, typical example from that region. The Antikenyos would call this a talibong, but the Ilonggos will maybe refer to this as a tenegre, because of the fighting nature of this sword.

As for David's sword, it appears to be from Panay in the same general region as the OP's, but further North/Northwest closer to Cabatuan, Iloilo. Scabbards there, again, are in the Ilonggo fashion with leather throats and metal fastening bands, however, more slender example, such as David's, will taper to a point or finial following the blade profile. Most typical tenegre or binangon (field bolo) scabbards from Iloilo the toe of the scabbard will be squared off. In Cabatuan and Mandurrio, the toes will taper if the blade is slender. The hilt on David's tenegre is again the Bakunawa motif typical of that region. There are several variations of the Bakunawa design in Panay depending on region. David's is typical from that region, similar motif but different design than the OP's. Again, a fine all original example from mid 20th C. I hope this helps!

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