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Default German Customs Nightmare

Germany is a nightmare. I sent a parcel via U.S.P.S. to Hermann Historica for auction/consignment with a German WW2 tunic and two German helmets that were confiscated by their customs and after a lengthy legal proceeding with the auction house legal department they finally released my items to the auction house but they could not find one of the helmets, (the most expensive one). First they said it was never in the parcel until I asked them to weigh the parcel and compare the weight to the weight on my shipping receipt and then they switched their story to the one helmet from the box was lost in customs. I was later justified and was to be reimbursed for my loss but the U.S. post office said they could not cover my claim because the package was seized originally and second the Munich state attorney found them guilty of loosing (misplacing the helmet but not the rest of the package LOL) To date I have still never been reimbursed for my loss of 1.450 Euro and the auction house did nothing more to help me further with the matter. Starting with customs confiscating everything from artifacts ,antique ivory handle swords, daggers ,German historical military items it is all a nightmare to deal with and as you know ignorance of the law is no excuse. Steer clear of shipping anything in these categories to Germany or else you may find yourself having your items confiscated or (lost/stolen ) along with a hefty fine and or legal problem.

Originally Posted by Jens Nordlunde
Thank you Lee.
Somehow I have a feeling that some members does not take this very serious - but it is very serious.
I agree with Lee, that the law is not what it should have been - but it is there.
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