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Yves, I understand that the Kalagan people share some of the same geographic range as the Tagakaolo. Do you know about interactions between the Muslim Kalagan and the Lumad Tagakaolo? A (not very reliable) informant from Davao suggested that the two groups interacted quite extensively, with intermarriages also occurring.

I've been interested for a while in the use/adaptation of Moro swords by the Tagakaolo, Bagobo, and Blaan--notably some very odd looking kris with old Maguindanao blades that have been dressed in Lumad hilts and scabbards. There are certainly close links between the Bagobo and Tagakaolo, and I have seen reference to the possibility that the Tagakaolo became somewhat "absorbed" into the larger Bagobo community, so there may be some commonality in their adapting Maguindanao kris.

Cross-culturalism regarding weapons of the different ethnic groups on Mindanao is hard to understand from a distance, and I was wondering if you had any insights on this.

I don't want to hijack your thread with a separate topic. If you have any information then we could certainly start another thread.


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