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Interesting topic, and especially as I enjoy learning more on these items I am not familiar with. What is interesting is the classification conundrum which always of course arises as these items are discussed.

As well known, geographic borders are diaphanous, and tribal regions often fluctuate, so hard and fast geographic denominators are typically somewhat futile in ethnographic arms. As has been noted, the character of decoration is more reliable as these are often keenly favored or traditionally recognized by tribal groups.

The term Afghan was often strained in the 19th c. as due to British occupation and efforts to control administratively, the emphasis was on districts etc. and the Northwest Frontier was simply a northern region of India. In many cases the more effective classification would have been Pashtun (tribally) or Indo-Afghan (geographically).

The example posted by Kubur is interesting as it has a silvered strip of embossed figures suggesting Indian character as noted, and seems to have been cut for the flask from some larger item. It would be hard to say when this was added, but like most weapons in ethnographica , these were certainly refurbished and kept serviceable through long working lives.
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