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Originally Posted by mahratt
Hi Rick and Oliver. Thank you! I also do not doubt the Afghan origin of these powder flasks.

I have one, but unfortunately sadly missing a few parts, similarly a powder flask, which was shown stenoyab.

Rick, I also tried to buy one off a seller on ebay about a year ago. I think that this one was the same powder flask

Hi Mahratt

Interesting point Oliver makes ref the cut-off spring being made of horn or wood. That was my guess also, but I've never held one to examine.

The flask you posted could indeed be the same one I saw offered on the Internet. It does look similar. But my memory is not what it used to be. LOL But I will keep my eyes open for one if it comes up for sale. Would like to see how it functions, which is not comepletely obvious. It's an interesting design.

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