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Originally Posted by colin henshaw
Thanks to those who input on this subject. On the face of things, it would appear the knife is from the North West Frontier/Afghanistan area, as suggested. However, along with the knife came these African wooden spoons, which have a similar "ring and dot" decoration. The spoons are labeled as being from Bechuanaland (colonial name for Botswana).

Merely a coincidence do you think ?

If the spoons were made of the same material and the dot patterns were in the same configuration perhaps i could see a connection. What i think you have here is a misinformed collector putting "like" things together because he doesn't know any better. Nothing about these items says "set" to me.
Here's a link to a Tibetan knife of mine which also has dot patterns as well as a similar over shape. I don't think Colin's is Tibetan, but i'd bet it is from somewhere closer to there than African. I'd say Afghanistan might be a good guess.
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