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Originally Posted by Pukka Bundook
A very interesting thread, Ibrahiim!

I have a few of these Sheffield carbon steel knives and keep them in the kitchen drawer.
We have a drawer full of knives, yet it is these old springy razor sharp knives that we use for Everything.
I often marvel at the steel;
So paper-thin and springy, it can be bent to a great angle and yet springs back. We can not buy new knives with these characteristics.
New steel is thick and dull, whatever you do to it!

Your Omani chaps knew what they were doing when they sought out these little knives!


Salaams Pukka Bundooq ~ I am delighted to get praise on Forum entries and this month was even more appreciated than others as we push the envelope on Omani weapons..
Here is a Solingen name well known in the cutlery world ...These Solingen knives are also greatly respected and worn in behind the Khanjar either left or right of the main weapon . In this case I was quite surprised to see the hilts which in Omani Arabic are transliterated as Horn Z'raffe Afrique . Omani traders called the Rhino Hilt Z'raffe ! An odd twist in the history of trade through Zanzibar which reached its peak in the first half of the 19thC.
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