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Hello Yves,

On the two points you raise. The cord around the neck of the scabbard is not a suspension device for wearing the sword IMHO. Barung are worn either tucked into the waist of the pants or, more commonly, tucked through a sash around the waist. The cord on your piece is intended, I think, to hang the piece as a display item. The braiding of the cord looks Western in style, and probably was put there by the previous owner in the U.S.

The pommel is a 20th C, pre-WWII style. The absence of a "crest" may suggest that it was intended primarily as a fighting sword rather than for wearing at social events, although the silver punto is an attractive feature and the scabbard has some nice lime-filled okir carving. I don't think this is a peasant's barung, but was owned by someone who could afford a silver punto and well carved scabbard. While not a datu quality piece, it is certainly attractive and well made for a moderately prosperous, sensible Tausug gent--good for a fight but with a bit of "bling" as well.
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