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Originally Posted by fernando
Although a more precise style as depicted in the panels is more like this one, a typical Portuguese sword of the third quarter XV cebtury.
Yes, I am familiar...

At risk of straying a little off topic, I found this book quite interesting and you might as well. It tries to build a case for a very early dating of the altarpiece, c. 1450. I'm not sure I was really convinced, but I also couldn't immediately dismiss their arguments out of hand. The discuss the swords in particular, trying to show that they could be as early as they suggest - they included the sword above as an example of the "end point" of this trend in hilt design.

Now that I've been searching a little further online, I notice that several of the statues they included as comparative examples are dated several decades later by the Museum of Antique Art, so that's not encouraging... They do offer the effigy of Fernăo Gomes de Góis as an example showing the double patillas finger-rings, and this is dated 1439-40.

The panels were dendrochronologically analyzed and must have been painted after 1442, so the early date cannot be excluded on those grounds, but neither can a later date or course...
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