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Originally Posted by Emanuel

For reference I attach a tree of the Indo-European languages.

Higher up the tree generally suggests older.

The oldest written Greek dates from ~1500 BCE, while the oldest Old Persian written evidence dates from ~500 BCE and is thought to have developed by ~1000 BCE. Similar dates for Vedic Sanskrit


Salaams Emanuel!

Thanks a lot for providing this table. Very informant indeed! However, one must be EXTREMELY careful regarding taking such information for granted. You'll find countless sites claiming that Vedic Sanskrit is the world's oldest language. The Persians date their language to at least 3100 BCE. The Arabs claim that their language was spoken by Adam, and they have some proof for that. Kurds claim that Noah (PBUH), his wife, three sons, and their wives, had their ship landing on Mount Goudi in Kurdistan (something affirmed in the Qur'an), and that the village they found after the deluge was called "Hushtan" (that of the eight people); that being in 3800 BCE.

I really believe that this is a very sensitive issue; since it may cause a lot of disagreement; not just between the creationists and the evolutionists, but between the creationists themselves... and also between the evolutionists themselves.

The fact is that I've listened, read, and even studied about this issue for longer than I should have done, and the truth is that I've heard so many claims regarding this oldest language debate until I was greatly confused. However, I must admit that I came out with very good information about many languages and how they influenced other languages.

To be honest, I found the Arab and Kurdish claims to be the most convincing, but others are free to challenge such claims.

Hope this clears up any confusion!

As ever,
Ahmed Helal Hussein
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