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Originally Posted by ariel
Well, despite being an Indo-European language, Persian is not the cradle of linguistic civilization: Jungle is from the Sanskrit "Jangala", uncultivated land, Skeleton is Greek "skeletos", dessicated body, "committee" is Latin " committere", to collect ( committee per se is an English legal term of 15th century for a person to whom something is entrusted), Group is Proto-Germanic Kruppaz, a lump, Restaurant is a French neologism for an eatery serving nutritious meat bouillons, allegedly " restoring" human vitality ( McDonalds being the shining example:-)), and finally Star, is pure Sanskrit ( star) or Hittite (Shittar), both languages predating Persian by a week or two :-) :-)


Skeleton: "Eskelet" (the Persian word) means "frame" and "skeleton"

Star: "S'taureh" (the Perisan word) may mean "that which shields or curtains the earth from the sky, or vice versa".

Say, did you know that the most ancient Persian was written from left to right?

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