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Originally Posted by Jens Nordlunde
Well said Jim. I believe that all who try to get something published, will try to get it as right as possible, but we all have to read about it from old sources.
Some can be lucky to get the right source, while others are unlucky and chooses the wrong source.
None of us lived at the time we try to tell about, so we can not be quite sure, which source is the right one, but we hope, after examination, that the one choosen is the right one - at least I do when I write an article.
AhmedH, it is very interesting what you write, and I do hope you will stay with us, and help us with this, for us, very difficult subject.

Salaams Jens,

I'll stay in this forum as long as I'm alive and capable to participate. Also, I'll do my best in order to give help...and receive help too!

Thanks a lot for your generosity, Sir!

As ever,
Ahmed Helal Hussein
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