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Originally Posted by AhmedH
Persian (which I've studied for two years in my faculty in 1997-1999), I can say there are many English and other Western and Northern European words that were derived from this language; among the countless words are:

Star, jungle, group, committee, mother, father, brother, daughter, restaurant, and skeleton.

Ahmed Helal Hussein

Well, despite being an Indo-European language, Persian is not the cradle of linguistic civilization: Jungle is from the Sanskrit "Jangala", uncultivated land, Skeleton is Greek "skeletos", dessicated body, "committee" is Latin " committere", to collect ( committee per se is an English legal term of 15th century for a person to whom something is entrusted), Group is Proto-Germanic Kruppaz, a lump, Restaurant is a French neologism for an eatery serving nutritious meat bouillons, allegedly " restoring" human vitality ( McDonalds being the shining example:-)), and finally Star, is pure Sanskrit ( star) or Hittite (Shittar), both languages predating Persian by a week or two :-) :-)
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