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Jens, it is fantastic that you posted this, and I look forward to reading your article on this long standing mystery of the 'katar' . I know this is a topic we have pursued for many years, with you always tenaciously researching through so many resources and venues, that your article would represent virtually the consummate knowledge on these to date .

Ibrahhim and Bhushan , thank you for the intriguing input on the constant conundrum of the etymology of this term. The so called 'Egerton' error is of course at the root of much of the dilemma in researching these as relying on contemporary narratives and accounts of periods far into history becomes extremely dangerous in drawing conclusions or theories. This is of course because a descriptive term can only imply what a item is to the modern reader, for semantics and transliterations over many years are among other linguistic matters are very much in play.

Getting back to the katar, that is the transverse gripped dagger distinctive to India, it is good to get back to the fascinating study and discussion of these unique daggers, and with Jens, whom I think is one of our foremost specialists on them.

Thank you Jens!!!

All the best,
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