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Aha! found one of my old thread posts: Another religious (holey ) tiaha. It suggests holes in that one may have been added later for mounting or holding them in a display.

Those holes were in one edge of the blade portion tho, where it'd be more likely not to be used in combat as it would blunt any blows, so I doubt anything would be tied there then.

Tewatewa would have holes in the blade for tying feather bundles. The Axe blade portion was NOT for striking with on these, they use the poll/butt of the bitt-like part, or the rather pointy other end. The blade was used for signalling to their troops, and only a chief carried one.

Worth a look at the referenced bits in the other posts in that thread too.



Putting them all together: Washington DC Haka. the white bone Patu clubs look harmless. they have sharp edges and the Maori can poke on into a skull and pop the top of it off.

The 'Chief' starts off with a rather Shillelagh-like club, but switches to a tewhatewha shortly after.

Note their chests get rather red from the blows they give them. The German army rifle drill team slaps their chests with their rifle butts with similar bruising. After a few years doing that, some of them need breast reduction surgery.
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