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Hi Stefan,
You seem to be on a shibriya buying campaign. This is your third one in the last couple of weeks.
I will try to explain it, but this involves a lot of guess work.
Despite having many Jordanian characteristics, I think that you have a Palestinian one again, dating to the 1950's or 60's.
It has the stones/glass bead typical of shibriyas from Jordan, as well as the "medallions" on the pommel and the twisted wire decoration with rings on the scabbard. However, the simple decoration is not right for this type from Jordan and I suspect it is imitating the original style. The blade, like in most Palestinian shibriyas is broad, thick, sturdy and relatively well-made.
In the picture, one from my collection that has some similarities and is certainly Palestinian. A fried who is well connected with old local collectors and has about 10 of this type told me it probably comes from the Gaza/Rafa area.
One sign is that the wood of the scabbard, where the blade is inserted, is covered with metal sheet. Is it? If all true, this is not a tourist item as there was no bazaar market in that time and area.
One last advise. If you really want older and better shibriyas, look for a narrower and more curvy blade.
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