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Is there anyone that have a idea when this pistol is made, and who is this Fisher that have marked the lock?

It looks to me that the issue with finding the gunsmith is not being able to easily see that this is not a 17th century north European pistol but an 18th century composite pistol using an older barrel from the period of Christian IV(King of Denmark and Norway 1670 - 1699). Barrel with a later lock and markings. I believe the gunsmith that has made the lock is listed in Der Neue Stockel.

Thanks to Corrado ! You are right when placing this as a composite pistol and that the FRW markings are 50 -70 years after the C5 control stamp.

Most Danish-Norwegian naval weapons such as pistols and muskets from the period was decommissioned weapons used on land and then reused for naval use, something that in most cases had to become composite pistols and shorted down muskets to function as naval small arms of the period.
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