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One knows about very few examples of this pistol in Norway. It has crude brass mountings. FRW = Frederiks Waerk. This was a major naval base and shipyard by the city of Stavern in Norway. The FRW markings indicate that this is a composite pistol from Frederiks Waerns from the middle or late 18th century. Some owners of this pistols wanted them to be from C5 period, but the markings and mounts don't match up, leaving us with a non-pattern naval composite pistol. The only option of the makers signature FISCHER can be a number of different gun makers around 1750 working in Zella St. Blasii what says that the lock is a later replacement. The pistols we see today belongs t a small composite group of pistols put together to arm one or two ships with pistols.

There is no literature confirming the above composite as there was probably never made any record of it. So is this just a theory ?

By the way: The marking FRW = Frederiks Waern (Waern = factory in old Norwegian spelling). This type of marking is 50 - 70 years later than the C5 stamp, confirming that we are most likely looking on a non regulated pattern naval composite pistol .

Fredriksvern (also called Friderichsværn (1801), Frederiksværn (1865), Fredriksværen (1900) and abbreviated Frsværn) was an important Norwegian naval base, just south of Larvik in Vestfold. It is named after Fredrik V Denmark-Norway.

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