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Hi all,

A Tausug barung which my father bought from the US 2 years ago. Circa: 1st quarter of the 20th century(the seller told me).

But there are 2 things that caught my attention. The rope around near the mouth of the scabbard (supposedly to tie around the waist). Is this typical of Tausug barungs? or barungs for that matter?

The 2nd thing is the pommel design. I've read an article on barung characteristics and classes (first class, datu, ceremonial; middle class/commoner and the low class/fighting-combat class). On the low class/fighting pommel " combat barongs are distinguished by short protrusions which are a little more than mere suggestions on the crest and the beak of the kakatua motif."
Question: kindy look at the pommel of this barung. Is this a low class/ combat type barung?

Thanks and regards

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