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Very interesting , I like it ... could this not simply be the barrel of an Indian 'turn off' pistol ? What concerns me is that normally on Indian pieces the bayonet blade is hinged and folds under the barrel , locked into place with a catch of the type found on the nasal guard of a khula khud . It would be very impractical to have a permanently fixed bayonet on any type of firearm ( however it is not unheard of in Indian weaponry ... see pic below ) . When you encounter these 'impractical' types of weapons from India , they are often hybrids ,grafted together from unrelated pieces . The bayonet blade looks like the tip of a British Pattern 1853 socket bayonet ... which are very commonly encountered in India.
Some Indian bayonets which are designed to be permanently attached to firearms :

Pic 1 ( middle horizontal bayonet ) showing the half cylindical part which fits under the barrel , the blade is a folding type as described above.
Pic 2 showing the hinge and locking device of an Indian bayonet
Pic 3 a permanently attached Indian bayonet .
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