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Side bit: The earlier Arabic style alphabet was replaced with a more western Latin style alphabet, with a few extra letters for sounds that do not get used in western languages, on 01JAN1929.

Swords and daggers/dirks) almost universally had sword knots/portepees as they are intended to aid in retention of a weapon accidentally dropped or jarred out of the hand. usually lost by the time a collector gets the item. As many nations admired and emulated the Prussians - this sword being of similar design to their modified Blucher style derived from the UK 1796LC, a Prussian style sword knot would not be out of place.

Many officers replaced the sword knot with a silk scarf tied to the sword with a loop for their hand, I presume for it's lightness and strength & for not getting their formal parade one dirty or covered in red stuff.

A Prussian sword knot:
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