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- Human skull smashed in by a hammer blow; National Museum Copenhagen;

- a combined hammer and matchlock gun, Italy, ca. 1550; Palazzo Dzucale, Venice;

- a combined hammer and rapier, Saxony, ca. 1580; Historisches Museum Dresden, Rüstkammer;

- a combined hammer and wheellock gun, ca. 1530-40; Konopiste Castle, Czechia;

- a combined hammer and wheellock gun, ca. 1530-40, ex Zschille collection;

- a combined wheellock hammer and two maces; the mace on top 1530's, the lock missing; the other two late 16th century; Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg;

- a faked gilt wheellock hammer, 20th century, in 1530's style; Fischer, Luzern, 22 June 2000.
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