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Luc LEFEBVRE 31st March 2020 11:44 PM

African Throwing knives
African Throwing knives from south of Central Africa:

Edster 1st April 2020 06:51 PM


Interesting collection and book. Thanks for posting.

There are interesting sources re Central African metalworking. Here is one by Jay Spaulding. He observes (via an 1842 source) that those tribes in Sudan hadn't learned quenching. Are your examples hardened via heat treating or by workhardening the edges. %20Sudan

Also, you may search for "Did They or Didn't They Invent It? Iron in Sub-Saharan Africa" by Stanley B. Alpern, 2005


Luc LEFEBVRE 2nd April 2020 09:32 AM

You can find a good synthese of early ironworking and archaeology in the catalog of the exhibit "STRIKING IRON", Fowler museum at UCLA.
The origin of copper and iron smelting are diverse: Sub-Saharian (Nok), Nile Valley (MeroŽ), Congo (Upemba depression), Zimbabwe.
The subject is difficult.

Sajen 2nd April 2020 07:53 PM

Thank you for sharing Luc! :)

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