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tanaruz 25th July 2020 04:42 AM

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Hi all,

Sharing another barung from my father's collection. With an OAL of 23 inches (blade: 17.25 inches). With MOP on the scabbard and for a left-handed warrior.
Metal twine on the scabbard.
Has a 50-centavo silver coin (issued between 1903-1945, putting the silver content at 75-90% depending on the year of issue) pierced on the ferrule?


1) believed to be of Tausug origin- but could it also be yakan or samal?
2) does it bear the characterictics of a middle class/commoner blade?
3) probable era?
4) the coin - for aesthetic purposed only?



Ian 28th July 2020 10:25 AM

Hi Yves,

I think this blade is Sulu (probably Tausug) rather than from Basilan (Yakan). The brass(?) punto is a less expensive ornamentation than silver, so the owner may have been on a small budget for this barung. The blade also has several forging flaws and was not the highest of quality when it was made. So the sword has some compromises in terms of quality and prestige.

This sword is probably from the WWII era when MOP inlay on the scabbard was popular, although the blade may be a little older.


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