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sadsmd 29th March 2019 12:49 AM

Help In identifying Ottoman sword and inscriptions
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Another attic find at my in laws. I believe this is an Ottoman Sabre from what I've seen here. I would greatly appreciate your knowledge in identifying this sword and the inscriptions etched in gold. Thank you !
Semper Fi

TVV 29th March 2019 04:13 PM

You have a very nice Ottoman shamshir. The scabbard chape is an old replacement, probably done in Syria.


Victrix 29th March 2019 04:21 PM

Hi Steve,

You certainly seem to have married the right gal! Great sword. :)

sadsmd 29th March 2019 05:05 PM

Thank you
Thank you very much gentleman, and yes I did marry the right gal :) .

I'm I correct in thinking the etching/engraving is gold inlay?

Any one know an approximate age of this saber?

Thank you again,

Semper Fi

ariel 30th March 2019 02:16 AM

Do I see 1118? 1708-9?
I agree with Theodore: sun-like decoration on the chape looks Syrian to me.

sadsmd 30th March 2019 02:26 AM

What date do you place this ?

ariel 30th March 2019 08:32 AM

See above: 1118 H; 1708-9 Gregorian. Or 1138H = 1725-6? Last pic, right cartouche.
This is just an impression from a poor quality and seemingly upside down photo.
Would be nice to hear what other people see and think.

Inscriptions might be gold, might be brass, only a jeweler with good equipment will be able to distinguish. In any case, this does not (IMHO) affect the value of the sword.

kronckew 30th March 2019 09:20 AM

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Correct way up I see 1138.

Pieje 30th March 2019 11:36 AM

A great 18th century shamshir! Congrats!
Did you check the handle/translucency? Could be rhino..
Gold inlay, often verses of the Quran or poetry, probably done later (Syria?).

sadsmd 30th March 2019 02:47 PM

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Again thank you everyone!

I have a friend who is Persian and they translated one of the inscriptions to read
"Saheb and Malek, means the owner of... Ali (ba) with Shazdeh (Prince) Omar yek (one).

I've uploaded a couple more pics of the inscriptions.
Thank you,

Kubur 30th March 2019 04:52 PM

Beautiful Ottoman Turkish sword 18th or early 19th c.
This sword is from Turkey
There is no reason and no proof to say that the scabbard chape or the inscriptions are late addition.
all is coherent

kwiatek 29th November 2019 11:43 PM

Again old post, but is a nice piece which deserves a correct reading!

sahib ve malik ‘ali paşa-zade ömer bey

“The owner and possessor ‘Ali Pasha-zade Ömer Bey”

‘amel-i abdülmecid sene 1138

“Work of Abdülmecid, year 1138 (1725-26)”

I can translate the poems another time but at least now the historical info is there. Someone might even be able to identify the owner.

Kubur 30th November 2019 02:19 AM

Amazing Turkish sword from the 18th c.

francantolin 2nd December 2019 07:34 PM

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Really nice ottoman shamshir !!
What do you think of this one ?
I find it quite similar.
Rhino hilt ??
Do you think the cartouche is a later add ?

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