Lew Waldman's Ethnographic Arms & Armour Collection Archive

141 - Balinese / Lombak Sword, Straight, Double-edged with Silver Alloy Mountings

The fairly straight double-edged blade measures 19¾ inches in length and has a well defined mid-rib on each face for most of its length. The current state of preservation masks such pamor (pattern) as there may be; traces of figuring do appear to be present. The hilt is of two-toned wood with silver alloy fittings. A slightly loose (may be rotated a few degrees) silver guard covers the mouth of the scabbard when the blade is sheathed. The sheath of black wood is covered with well worn and focally wrinkled thin silver. The end of the scabbard has some losses where the two sides join, but the scabbard remains sound in protecting the handler from the blade (and vice versa). Lew dated this example to the 1870s to 1880s period. Overall sheathed length is just under 25 inches and the weight is 23¼ ounces.

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