The cross-guard of this takouba of "central" type is covered with embossed brown leather except for brass at the tips, which is overlain by copper on the display face of the hilt. A central brass plate with copper overlay is also present centrally on the display face or the cross-guard. Engraved decoration is present on these metallic enhancements. From where the leather has retracted away from the brass centrally, an underlying base appearing to be sheet metal can be seen. The pommel shows a low stacked pyramid tip of three layers, the central layer being copper, the others brass. Though the hilt and scabbard are well patinated from long wear, the scabbard suspension rings of aluminum strongly suggest these are mid-20 th Century mountings.

 The blade is of the typical form, having three narrow fullers, the central being the longest, and running almost to the tip. The fullers appear to be ground. The half-moon marks are just recognizable as such. Overall length: 93.5 cm. (36.5 inches); blade length: 78 cm. (30.7 inches).

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